Abbot Baldwin Lodge 8656 Visit – Monday 1st June

This was the 17th Cycling visit for the boys when they visited Abbot Baldwin Lodge in Bury St Edmunds on the 1st June.

WBro Andy was once again accompanied on this trip by Bro Nick Moulton. The 16 miles to Bury St Edmunds wasn’t covered as quickly as normal due to the boys having their first crash of this challenge! Whilst going around a left hand bend a car attempted to overtake them, approaching too fast having not seen the Landrover coming from the other direction. WBro Gentle carried out a text book emergency stop, Bro Moulton didn’t, which resulted in him riding hard into the rear of WBro Andy’s bike and falling off! Bro Nick was saved from serious injury by rolling well and his leather gloves. This only resulted in thankfully a broken rear spoke which slowed up the rest of the journey but they arrived safely in Bury St Edmunds.

The cyclists were most warmly welcomed by all the members of Abbot Baldwin Lodge, indeed there were a few familiar faces that they had met before.

The initiation ceremony that evening was the last meeting for WBro Bob Chapman in his capacity as Master which was most enjoyable and expertly carried out by him and all the Officers. After a fine Festive Board WBro Andy was given the opportunity to reply to the toast to the visitors and to explain a little more about the cycling challenge and their progress to date.

The proceeds of the raffle that evening totalling £145 were kindly donated towards the 2019 Festival and the cyclists challenge and was most gratefully received.

The cyclists were this time supported by WBro Andy Robson from Priory Lodge who transported the cyclists and their bikes back home.

Miles to date: 550
Lodges visited: 17
Lodges to go: 50

Abbot Baldwin 8656