“Andy, Gareth & Nick – on yer bike!” visit to Abbey Lodge

On Thursday 9th April the boys set out on their 15th cycle ride in their quest to visit all of the lodges in Suffolk. The visit tonight was a relatively short ride over to Bury St Edmunds to visit Abbey Lodge No 1592.

The journey over was good with the nicest weather yet this year, a very pleasant ride through the spring countryside, birds singing, daffodils out, buds breaking and the smell of manure! All part of cycling through our lovely countryside.

Yet again WBro Gentle was pipped to the post, so was Bro Nick who had spotted the town sign for Bury St Edmunds and began his charge and nearly had Bro Gareth beat before he mustered the speed to beat Bro Nick by a bicycle length. WBro Gentle wondered what was going on when they came blasting past but realised too late they were racing for the town sign. He did however beat them both up the next hill in town, spurred on by the sight of the Greene King Brewery and carried on to reach Ashlar House ahead of his colleagues. There WBro William McColl was standing outside enjoying the sun and was shocked to see their dehydrated and sweaty state and immediately administered liquid refreshment which was most welcomed by the three cyclists!

Once again they were received with a very warm welcome from the members of Abbey Lodge. The meeting in the Temple was most enjoyable when the Worshipful Master WBro James Utting passed Bro Andrew Gardner in a confident and sincere ceremony. Once again slight variations in ritual and procedures included quite a lot of singing in the temple and a different salutation to Grand Officers which we had not seen before.

An excellent festive board followed the ceremony where there was plenty of friendly chat and good food to round off a most enjoyable evening.

The Worshipful Master then passed around a pint mug in support of the cyclists challenge which raised a sum of £107 for the Festival. Added to this was a donation from Bro M Serjeant from Abbey Lodge to make a total of £112.

All in all a warm welcome and a most enjoyable evening. Thank you Abbey Lodge!

The miles ridden to Abbey were 16, taking 56 minutes.

Next Visit: Dawn Lodge 8799 1st May 2015, Lowestoft
Miles to date: 462
Lodges visited: 15
Lodges to go: 52

Visit to Abbey Lodge