Bosmere Lodge #9460 visit – 23rd March 2015

Stowmarket was the destination on the 23rd of March as W Bro Andy Gentle, Bro G Evans and Bro N Moulton completed the 13th stage in their quest by visiting Bosmere Lodge No 9460. Their visit coincided with that of the Provincial executive which made for a very enjoyable visit as both the PGM and the Assistant PGM were in fine form.

The boys have passed through Stowmarket several times already on visits to other lodges so they had a good idea of timings to cover the 17 odd miles but as ever W Bro Gentle decided he wanted to break some records on the way and turned the latter stages into a bit of a race. As a result the town was reached in a record time of 1 hr 2 m but unfortunately for him the stats show that Bro Evans was the first to pass the Stowmarket town sign and Bro Moulton was first to reach the lodge itself. The latter due to Bro Moulton’s interesting interpretation of the highway code and the phrase one way street whilst the former was purely down to a sneaky ambush on the line! W Bro Andy Gentle didn’t even make it to the bar first, this time being pipped by the PGM himself who bought the cyclists a much appreciated and needed pint.

The brethren of Bosmere then treated Bro Paul Beynon to a very good initiation ceremony carried out in an excellent fashion by the WM W Bro Mark Hawes and his officers. Of particular note were the working tools delivered by Bro Mike Pereira, an EA, and the Charge after initiation this being delivered by Bro Adam Alexander, a MM! Both were outstanding and well deserving of the praise they received from the PGM.

The festive board was very entertaining with both good food and fine company. W Bro Gentle gave the reply to the toast to the visitors and this gave him the opportunity to thank the lodge for their most welcome donation of the proceeds from the raffle, this being the splendid sum of £265. With 13 visits completed the lodges involved have already donated over £2600 to the 2019 festival, far exceeding W Bro Andy Gentles expectations!

Logistical support was once again provided by Bro Steven Martin-Hall and Bro Steven Ray for which the boys are most grateful.

Next Visit: Colneis Lodge ( No 8292) 2nd April 2015, Felixstowe
Miles to date: 411
Lodges visited: 13
Lodges to go: 54

Bosmere Lodge visit - 23 March 2015

Bosmere Lodge visit - 23 March 2015