Christchurch Lodge 6829 visit 10th October

This was a dual purpose visit to Christchurch Lodge in Ipswich. W Bro Andy cycled over to Ipswich as part of the 2019 challenge to cycle to all of the Suffolk Lodges during the festival period. Eight other members of Priory also made the journey over in a minibus on another challenge, an attempt to claim the travelling gavel currently held by Christchurch Lodge.

This was the first ride to a Lodge that I did on my own, my cycling buddies Gareth and Nick not being able to attend due to other commitments and their company was much missed. The ride went well and I was spurred on by the large rain cloud that was threatening to catch me up and drown me. I managed to get to Soane street ahead of it without getting wet, covering the 23 miles in a good time of just over an hour and a quarter.

We were treated to an excellent meeting which was first class with a most enjoyable initiation ceremony, carried out in a faultless manner. The festive board was an excellent and jovial affair, added to by the challenge for the travelling gavel, which Priory unfortunately did not get but congratulations to Brett Valley who attended with a contingent of 12 members to claim it.

I was most overwhelmed by the very generous donation of a cheque for £500 that was donated by the Worshipful Master on behalf of Christchurch Lodge. This donation was very much appreciated.

Thanks to Bro Paul Vella from Priory who drove the support van which took me and the bike home at the end of an enjoyable evening.

Last Visit: Christchurch Lodge (No 6829) 10th October, Ipswich.

Next Visit: Court Knoll Lodge 21st October

Miles to date:  341
Lodges visited: 9
Lodges to go: 58

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