Composite Lodge No9480 visit – Saturday 6th February

Saturday 6th February saw yet another first in this challenge, the earliest start yet! Composite Lodge No 9480 are a daytime Lodge meeting on a Saturday morning. So a 7.30 start was the order of the day to arrive at Soane Street for the start of the meeting. Brother Moulton was convinced that the hills had got steeper and also longer since the last visit to Ipswich. It was at the end of the season in June when the cyclists last pedaled this route to visit PJK Lodge and the weather then was measurably better. Similarly the weather although a little inclement was comparably better than the last journey when the cyclists visited Ala Lodge in Stowmarket in sub zero temperatures and WBro Andy joined the falling off club!!

An uneventful journey saw the cyclists arrive in time for coffee and some excellent flapjack, which were most welcome and more than made up for the missed breakfast.

The members of Composite Lodge warmly welcomed brothers Andy and Nick.

The Worshipful Master Worshipful Brother Graham Spencer began the meeting by greeting the Brethren in poetic pantomime verse, something that was instigated last year by the Immediate Past Master. It ended with him requesting the brethren sing the opening ode to which the Senior Warden replied “Oh no we wont!”

There followed a brief meeting during which WBro Gentle was given the opportunity to explain further their quest. The Lodge was closed and was then followed by a lecture, given by the Provincial Orator WBro Peter Thorogood, entitled “Freemasonry and Empire. The Ladies of Composite Lodge are invited to every other meeting and this being one of those then joined the Brethren in the temple for the lecture.

Following the meeting the Ladies and Brethren enjoyed an excellent Festive board during which WBro Gentle was presented with a donation of £100 towards their cycling challenge in support of the Festival 2019.

So thank you Composite Lodge for a warm welcome and for your support, as always it is very much appreciated.

Thanks once again to WBro Andy’s wife Julie for picking up the boy’s bikes and to Brother Stephen Martin-Halls for providing the transport home.

Next Visit: Gainsborough 9332 – Sudbury, Monday February 8th
Miles to date: 748
Lodges visited: 26

The Cyclists with the Worshipful Master and his wife.
The Cyclists with the Worshipful Master and his wife.

Julie, support crew for today. Not sure quite what’s so funny!
Julie, support crew for today. Not sure quite what’s so funny!