Copperfield Lodge 9581 visit 22nd September

On the 22nd of September W Bro Andy Gentle (Priory 4618), Bro Gareth Evans and Bro Nick Moulton cycled to Gorleston to visit Copperfield Lodge (No 9581), this being their 8th stage in the quest to visit every Suffolk lodge. The weather forecast looked a little ominous but on the day the rains stayed away and they were able to complete the trip across the entire county in near perfect conditions. Indeed the conditions were so summer-like that they included the odd interaction with a wasp or two. For Bro Andy this proved to be more than a minor irritation because as the picture shows, he suffers from an allergic reaction when stung. Although in some pain, he insisted on continuing the journey as planned. The team then enjoyed a scenic ride through the gorgeous Suffolk countryside marred only by the occasional and unavoidable game of “dodge truck” as the route took in stints on the county’s A roads. Bro Evans had one very close call with one such truck but his experience was trumped by Bro Moulton who was almost catapulted over the bonnet of a Honda Jazz. The old lady driver was very apologetic stating they she didn’t see him despite his bright yellow clothing.  This happened in a quiet residential street less than 500 yards from the end of the trip but his nerves were soothed by some quick rehydration in the hotel bar!

Copperfield continued the trend set by the other lodges visited so far, in making W Bro Andy and his fellow cyclists very welcome. The brethren of the lodge then expertly raised one of their number before everyone enjoyed a fine festive board. The rendition of “We do like to be beside the seaside” as the brethren exited the lodge was an especially amusing end to an excellent meeting.

The cycle team were once again well supported by fellow Brothers John Richards and Cliff Sargeant from Priory Lodge.

Last Visit: Copperfield Lodge (No 9581) 22nd September 2014. Miles 65. The donation of £100 was much appreciated!

Next Visit: Christchurch Lodge (No 6829) 10th October September, Ipswich.

Miles to date:  318
Lodges visited: 8
Lodges to go: 59

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