Corinthian Lodge 3039 Visit – Monday 8th June

Once again the cyclists were headed in the Ipswich direction , this time to visit Corinthian Lodge 3093. The journey to Ipswich went well, although the unseasonably cold wind meant that it still wasn’t the weather to be wearing T-shirts. Bro Nick Moulton was convinced that one of the hills had got steeper since he last cycled this route. Once again it was brought home that this quest was not without risk when WBro Gentle narrowly missed being pushed off by an articulated lorry that wanted to get past in Ipswich, only to turn right 200 yards further on!

However having arrived safely at Soane Street and changing from the lycra to the suits the cyclists enjoyed a pint before the meeting. The Brethren of Corinthian Lodge once again made the cyclists and their support crew very welcome. The enjoyable ceremony in the Temple was conducted by the Master and Past Masters of the Lodge during which they raised Bro Wayne Roberts in an excellent fashion.

Afterwards and following a once again excellent Festive board WBro David Boswell presented WBro Andy with a cheque for £150 from the Lodge in support of the cycling challenge and the 2019 RMBI Festival. Individual donations of £10 each were also received from WBro Paul N, a visitor from Stevenage Lodge 7748 and the ADC WBro Gary Blake. This took the total raised for the evening to £170! This was gratefully received.

WBro Sid Turner once again assisted with the logistics and transport and an enjoyable evening was had by all.

Miles to date: 573
Lodges visited: 18
Lodges to go: 49

Corinthian 3093