Court Knoll Lodge 9194 Visit 21st October

The visit to Court Knoll Lodge saw the end to our record of completing all the rides in good weather. Tuesday 21st October was a windy day with really heavy showers interspersed with some sunny spells. On this cycling visit I was honoured by the company of our Worshipful Master, W Bro Steve Goodwin. As we set off the looming black cloud coming from the west began to catch us up so we pedalled for all we were worth figuring that it was only a short journey so we may be able to outrun it and catch up the small patch of blue sky in front. All I can say is the cloud was moving faster than us, to start with….. It caught us up and stayed with us all of the way so by the time we arrived at Boxford a mere 8 miles away we were truly soaked to the bone!!

However we quickly changed and the warm welcome we received soon made us forget our chills. There was no ceremony at the meeting but the Provincial Orator WBro Peter Thorogood gave an interesting and thought provoking lecture entitled “What Path Masonry”. On the third rising the Worshipful Master presented a cheque for £100 in support of the cycling challenge in aid of the 2019 Festival which was gratefully received. He also presented the Provincial Orator with a cheque for the same amount in appreciation of his lecture and WBro Thorogood immediately donated this to our cause as well which was a very nice surprise.

The festive board was very good with excellent food and a warm and jovial atmosphere. At the end of the evening Bro Jon Neill the Charity Steward auctioned off tickets for West Ham v Man Utd which raised £75 which he also very generously donated to the cycling challenge. Thank you Bro Jon.

So a very enjoyable evening with donations totalling £275!

Last Visit: Court Knoll Lodge (No 9194) 21st October.

Next Visit: TBA

Miles to date:  349
Lodges visited: 10
Lodges to go: 57

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