Dawn Lodge visit – 1st May 2015

The cyclists passed the 500 mile mark on Friday the 1st May after they visited Lodge of Dawn No8799 in Lowestoft. This was their longest trip of this year so far and the unseasonable cold weather made the ride a tough one for all. W Bro Andy Gentle, Bro Gareth Evans and Bro Nick Moulton were joined on this ride by the Master-Elect of Priory Lodge Bro Stephen Ray who should be commended for his efforts given that he is even more of a casual cyclist than the others!

lost in suffolkDespite having the use of a cyclist sat-nav the boys still managed to get lost in the wilds of Suffolk and so they ended up cycling some 72 miles, something not lost on Bro Evans who had spent the previous two weeks “preparing” for the ride on a golfing holiday! The Lowestoft Lodge was a very welcome sight at the end of the ride, the cyclists being able to quickly change out of their day-glo attire before enjoying a cold beer prior to the ceremony.

The master and brethren of the Lodge of Dawn made the boys very welcome in the temple prior to treating all the visitors to a very well executed 2nd degree ceremony. The festive board, with the seafood buffet followed by a most excellent fish and chip course went a very long way to replenishing the energy levels! So much so that even Bro Moulton was defeated by the cheeses, a rare occurrence indeed.

The evening was topped off by a most generous donation of £150 towards the 2019 Festival. The additional gesture by Bros Leggett and Smith who donated their raffle prizes was much appreciated by W Bro Gentle who promised to raise yet more funds from these as a result. As with all the visits, the amount raised will be credited to the lodge being visited as the primary aim of the challenge is to raise awareness of the festival and act as a catalyst to further efforts.

Bro Stephen Martin Halls and Bro Cliff Sargeant provided the logistical support on this occasion, once again this was much appreciated especially given the distance involved.

Next Visit: Monday 1st June – Abbot Baldwin 8656, Bury St Edmunds
Miles to date: 534
Lodges visited: 16
Lodges to go: 51