Events Management


This team will be of significant importance throughout the Festival. Once it has been designated events (minimum of 2 per year) it will be responsible for the overall Management (and accordingly success) of every Provincial function.  The team must therefore comprise those who can mix enthusiasm with experience and above all, attention to detail and have significant expertise.

The Festival Chairman will be the Team Manager and have 3 other Senior Members in this Team one of whom, will also act as Secretary, but these  3 will also act as Deputy Team Managers. However, once the basics of an Event have been agreed, The Team Manager will co-ordinate, but  the vast majority of all event organisation will be in the hands of the 3 Deputy Managers

All four will have joint responsibilities in covering for each other during periods of holiday or other absence, as although each individual will have exclusive duties regarding functions, it is essential, particularly when others are brought into the Team, that this group works as  ‘Team within a Team’ in so far as knowledge sharing is concerned.

Event Management Team Members:

Team Manager:
W.Bro N.E. Warnes
01473 827281 (O)
01284 828862 (H)
07802 759291 (M)

Deputy Team Managers:
W.Bro C.P. Warnes
01473827281 (O)
01473829971 (H)
07860565894 (M)

W.Bro Ralph Robertson
01473831281 (H)

W.Bro W McColl or
01284 750633 (H)
01284 753319 (O)
07841 384621 (M)