Steward and Patron Breast Jewels – Now available to order

The Festival 2019 Jewel Application Form is now available to download HERE

Each Jewel will be delivered in its own protection sleeve, and already pinned to a backing pad ready to slip into a top pocket. However, this can also be removed if preferred, so that it can be pinned directly onto a jacket or another backing pad.

The cost of each Jewel will be £15.00, and an order form will be sent to all Festival Representatives, and is available for downloading HERE.

Order forms to purchase one should be completed by those who qualify, and firstly submitted to  the Lodge Festival Representative (or Charity Steward, if you have no Festival representative,)  so that they can be collated into groups, of a minimum of say 3 or 4, before sending to. the Merchandising Team Manager, W.Bro Peter Gosling, and this will  enable easier Management of the distribution of the Jewels.

The order form carries full details for the order including Cheque payee, delivery address and so on.

Full details of the necessary commitment, or payments needed in order to be able to order a Steward or Patron Jewel, are also available on this website.

Please take particular note that the £15.00 payment is for the Jewel purchase, and it is NOT a Charitable Donation. Therefore Gift Aid CANNOT be applied. This will also be the case with other payments for Festival merchandising items. However, at the end of the Festival, the balance of any monies left after payment of purchase costs, will be transferred to the Grand Charity Relief Chest, and then to RMBI, and credited to the Province, as part of our overall total.

The RW Prov. Grand Master is keen to see as many Jewels being worn as soon as practical, so it would be appreciated if orders could be placed as order forms as soon as possible.

W.Bro Neville Warnes,
Chairman Festival 2019 

For Individuals’ Donations

Individual Donors contributing the sum of £200 will qualify as Stewards, and can also go on to become Patrons. However, Members will be entitled to purchase the Festival Jewel, and become Stewards by committing to donate the £200, by signing the Direct Debit form, which can be obtained from the Lodge Festival Representative, or Charity Steward, or Secretary if no Festival Steward has been appointed. Members will not have to wait until the money has actually been paid, before being able to purchase the Steward Jewel.

Any Member who wishes to proceed beyond Steward and become a Patron, can do so, but in this case a minimum donation of £500 will be necessary..However, it is important to note that in this case, a Patron Jewel will only be available for purchase after the £500 has actually been contributed, rather than a commitment to pay it.

Lodge Donations

Lodges donating a particular sum, ( which has already been communicated to each lodge individually,) will be designated Grand Patrons. Once Grand Patronage has been achieved, the Lodge will receive a usable gift, e.g. an embroidered Alms bag, which will be presented during a personal visit from one of the Provincial Rulers. The target sum can be achieved by the addition of all payments made by a Lodge’s Members, and attributed to that particular lodge, and any amounts raised by the Lodge itself.
In all cases, the figures given are completely exclusive of any income from Gift Aid.

There will also be a Ladies Festival Pendant or Brooch which is now in the design process, and there will be no qualifications for the purchase of this Pendant or brooch.

The cost to purchase the Steward and Patron jewels will be published on this site soon, and they will be available from W.Bro Peter Gosling Prov. Charity Steward, once he has stocks in a few weeks time.

There will be one Jewel, with one colour ribbon, and the single difference for Steward or Patron will be that across the top will be a small bar which says STEWARD or alternatively PATRON, as the picture shown in this document.