Information & Publicity


No event will be successful unless it is promoted in the best and most appropriate way.

Subsequently, even successful events will quickly be forgotten if not recorded with an ample supply of photographs.

These 2 points summarise the mainstream work of the IPT albeit clearly there is a huge amount of additional functions to be covered, as detailed in the following paragraphs.

As publicity can be both good and bad, I have appointed Freemasons who are rich in experience in publications and the media to head up and serve on this team.


Team Manager:
W.Bro Peter Green
(O):01449 736910
(H):01449 736910

W.Bro. Kelvin Avis
(O):01473 823366
(M):07771 644716

Bro.David Dunhill
(O):01787 319658
(H):01787 377371
(M):07837 167174