Ionic Lodge 5922 Visit 10th February 2015

W Bro Andy Gentle (Priory 4618) and Bro Gareth Evans resumed their cycling challenge after the winter break by visiting Ionic Lodge No 5922 on the 10th February. Bro Nick Moulton is currently nursing an injury which prevents him from cycling so on this trip he provided the support vehicle and the transport home after the meeting. Winter hadn’t quite finished yet though and both W Bro Andy and Bro Gareth felt the cold a little more on this ride than they expected. They were pleased to be back in the saddle but their toes may well have had other ideas. It could be the after effects of the holiday period but both the brethren were also convinced another couple of hills had appeared on the road to Ipswich since last year!

Ionic treated the brethren and several other non-cycling visitors to an excellent third degree with several W Bro’s occupying the chair of KingSolomon during the ceremony. W.Bro Gentle explained the quest to the brethren during the 3rd risings and they responded most graciously by donating the proceeds of the collection that evening to the Festival. A highlight of the evening was the chance to see the long closings, this being something of a rarity nowadays.

An excellent festive board followed during which Bro Evans was subjected to some mild teasing relating to the recent English victory over Wales in the rugby. Indeed the brethren of Ionic attempted a mini ambush when they called for him to reply on behalf of the visitors, but he neatly side-stepped the invite stating that W Bro Gentle had already been asked, and that moreover, he had prepared a suitable response already! The WM,W.Bro Glinos rounded off an excellent evening by donating his newly won 3rd prize of £35 in their monthly lottery draw to the festival.

Last Visit: Ionic Lodge (No 5922) 10th February 2015. Miles 23. The donation of £56 was much appreciated as was the £35 from the Master, Thank you!

Next Visit: British Legion Lodge (No 114) 5th March, Ipswich.

Miles to date: 372
Lodges visited: 11
Lodges to go: 56