Magi Lodge 9747 visit 9th September

W Bro Andy Gentle (Priory 4618), Bro Gareth Evans and Bro Nick Moulton completed the next stage in their quest to visit every Suffolk lodge by visiting Magi Lodge (No 9747) in Lowestoft on the 9th September.  They were joined on this trip by another member of Priory lodge, Bro Steve Ray, a commendable effort given that Sudbury and Lowestoft are at the opposite ends of the county which made this trip one of their longest. Steve’s ride, which he says may be just the first of a few he will join, was made all the more interesting when he suffered a puncture no more than three miles from Sudbury. A quick team effort had the tube changed in good time and the journey through the back lanes of Suffolk was still completed some 45 minutes quicker than they planned. This could be a sign that the guys are getting fitter! Either way it left enough time for them to meet up with their support crew in Lowestoft a little earlier than expected, which in turn allowed them to rehydrate in a local inn!

Magi Lodge made W Bro Andy and his fellow cyclists very welcome on arrival which was much appreciated after one of the longer journeys of the quest. The brethren of the lodge then carried out an excellent third degree ceremony before everyone enjoyed a fine festive board, the hearty steak and mushroom pudding replenishing the energy burned.

They were once again well supported in their endeavours by Bro Cliff Sargeant and Bro Stephen Martin-halls both from Priory who came along to visit and get them and their bikes home.

Last Visit: Magi Lodge (No 9747) 9th September 2014. Miles 65. The donation of £100 was much appreciated!

Next Visit: Copperfield Lodge (No 9581) 22nd September, Gorleston

Miles to date:  253
Lodges visited: 7
Lodges to go: 60 (as the new Southwold has now been consecrated)magi lodge