Perfect Amity Lodge 6347 visit 6th June

W Bro Andy Gentle, Bro Nick Moulton and Bro Gareth Evans cycled from Sudbury to Ipswich for the first time as part of their quest to visit all 66 Suffolk Lodges by bicycle during the festival. None of them have cycled much at all in the past and the trip to Ipswich was the longest cycle any of them had undertaken to date. Their discovery that Ipswich is significantly uphill from Sudbury and the realisation that this was the first of some 19 visits to Ipswich made the trip somewhat daunting. However the brethren of Perfect Amity Lodge 6347 quickly helped to dispel any negative thoughts by providing a warm welcome, an enjoyable ritual in the temple and a truly superb festive board. The light-hearted fine session for brethren in slightly non masonic attire rounded off one of the most enjoyable evenings of the quest to date.

The generous donation of £172 raised from the raffle was added to by the fines metered out to WBro Peter Pryke (£10 for a non white shirt), WBro Chris Studd (£10 for not wearing black socks) and WBro Richard Pettit (£10 for a non masonic handkerchief). This was then added to by Bro Billy Burrows (£20 by auctioning the bottle of scotch that he won), and two further donations from WBro Mervyn Hart £5 and Bro John Beckett £10. This added £65 to the original donation making a total of £237 which was a terrific amount towards our challenge and the 2019 Festival.

W Bro Andy and the guys were grateful of being supported on this trip by W Bro Rowland Hill and Bro Stephen Martin Halls who drove the support vehicles.

Next Visit: Selig Lodge 9459

Miles to date: 65
Lodges visited: 4
Lodges to go: 62!!!!

Perfect Amnity Lodge 6347
Perfect Amnity Lodge 6347