PJK Lodge No 9300 Visit – Friday 12th June

On Friday the 12th of June the cyclists made their way once again to Ipswich, this time for a daytime meeting to visit Philip Jervis Kay Lodge. Once again the weather was kind and the three cyclists made good time, Brother Evans once again caught WBro Gentle napping as they approached the town, reaching the town sign first.

This visit was a first on many fronts;

The first time the cyclists have been invited to attend an installation meeting, normally they avoid these but were invited to attend.

The ceremony of installation was carried out by the RWPGM WBro Ian Yeldham when he installed his father WBro John Yeldham the Past APGM in the chair of the Lodge. This was done in a most efficient yet sincere manner the whole ceremony being completed in exactly an hour! The festive board that followed was a superb lunch which the members of the Lodge treated the cyclists to for which they were most grateful.

At the Festive Board WBro Andy was given the opportunity to explain in more detail the cycling challenge, why they were doing it and the progress that they have made to date. He was then presented with a cheque by the Provincial Grand Master on behalf of the Lodge for £440 which was the amount raised from the collection in the meeting. All in all it was a most pleasant meeting, an excellent Festive Board with the usual good friendship and a most generous donation towards the Festival.

This was also the first time the cyclists decided to cycle back from a meeting. This being a daytime meeting and it being a nice summers day the cyclists had decided to cycle back from the meeting and were joined by the WM of Priory Lodge WBro Steven Ray for the return leg of the journey. The cyclists took the time to enjoy the superb Suffolk countryside and even stopped for some liquid refreshment.

Unfortunately Brother Evans had a bad crash on the return journey, coming off his bike halfway home on the slippery stones of the Kersey splash and gashing his arm badly. He was patched up on site but couldn’t continue the journey, his bike being badly damaged so the support vehicle was called to transport him home.

This was an unfortunate end to an otherwise very successful visit.

Miles to date: 641
Lodges visited: 20
Lodges to go: 47

PJK Lodge