Royal St Edmunds Lodge visit 27th March

W Bro Andy Gentle (Priory 4618) and Bro Gareth Evans visited Royal St Edmunds (1008) on the 27th March as part of their festival challenge to attend a meeting at all 66 Suffolk lodges. They were joined by Bro Nick Moulton who may now be regretting his decision to join the quest as the three of them are rapidly discovering several previously unknown facts about cycling. Firstly, it would appear that everywhere in Suffolk is uphill from Sudbury, secondly, that even the best cycling shoes still seem to freeze your big toes when it’s windy, and thirdly, the A134 is not a cycle friendly road at all!

Riding through Long Melford

This visit was part of the reciprocal arrangement between Priory and Royal St Edmunds whereby the officers of the hosting lodge invite their opposite numbers as guests on alternate years.  Along with the other officers from Priory they were made most welcome and enjoyed an excellent 1st degree ceremony prior to dining well yet again within the new Bury facility. W Bro Andy, Bro Gareth and Bro Nick will be well versed in the variations on ritual by the end of the quest, and this in itself adds something to the adventure, making each visit somewhat different.


Outside Royal St Edmunds
Outside Royal St Edmunds
With the Royal St Edmunds Master
With the Royal St Edmunds Master

Last Visit: Royal St Edmunds (1008) 27th March 2014. Miles 16. The donation of £158.60 during the festive board was much appreciated!

Next Visit: TBC as W Bro Andy and Bro Nick will be on their motorbikes somewhere in Africa for the next couple of weeks.

Miles to date: 41
Lodges visited: 3
Lodges to go: 63!!!!