Selig Lodge 9459 visit 12th June

The last trip of the 2013/14 season was to Selig Lodge 9459 in Lowestoft. This was one of the longest cycles trips that W Bro Andy Gentle, Bro Nick Moulton and Bro Gareth Evans will undertake during their quest to visit all 66 Suffolk Lodges by bicycle during the festival. By the time the boys arrived in the lodge they had cycled 75 miles, a figure some 7 miles higher than they expected as Bro Gareth Evans was navigating for this trip and struggled to work his lefts from his rights at times.  The journey took some 5 hours, during which time they were overtaken on more than one occasion by “proper” cyclists on proper bikes, no doubt with proper and therefore much coveted saddles! We also had the first puncture stop of the quest! Once again the brethren discovered that Suffolk is not a flat county at all, and moreover, the north side of the county appears to be much higher up than the south side!

W Bro Andy, Bro Nick and Bro Gareth were made very welcome by the WM and Brethren of Selig Lodge, treated to an excellent 3rd degree ceremony and a very enjoyable white table festive board. The generous donation of £150 to the 2019 Festival was much appreciated.

W Bro Andy and the guys were supported on this trip by the Worshipful Master of Magna Carta Lodge WBro Barry Whymark who drove the support vehicle.

Next Visit: TBA sometime during the summer break

Miles to date: 140
Lodges visited: 5
Lodges to go: 61!

Selig Lodge 9459
Selig Lodge 9459