Visit to Abiff Lodge No2810 – Saxmundham

It was lodge number 37 for the cyclists with a visit to Abiff Lodge in Saxmundham…

Monday 12th September saw the cyclists dusting off their bikes and setting off on their first visit of the new season. The destination, Saxmundham, to visit Abiff Lodge No2810.

The day dawned bright and sunny with temperatures predicted up into the 80’s. True to the forecast it was extremely hot and the ride through the Suffolk countryside was relatively uneventful until the cyclists came to cross the A140 at Mickfield where the Police had closed it due to an accident.

The normally quiet county road was suddenly full of heavy traffic. Due to the narrow lanes and lack of passing places the cyclists were juggling for position with dozens of articulated lorries, which made for interesting riding for a few miles….. Stopping for a break once they found themselves free of traffic the cyclists were further hampered, when upon setting off Brother Moultons front tyre seemed to be lacking a vital ingredient…..air!!

Repaired and back on the road the cyclists once again could appreciate the beautiful Suffolk countryside post harvest with some stunning weather, almost too hot, but memories of the colder rides made the heat easily bearable.

A quick refreshment stop in the pretty market town of Framlingham and then the final leg of the journey was completed in good time.

Upon arrival the cyclists were greeted by Brother Stephen Martin-Halls. Brother Martin-Halls had been a welcome sight in the winter months with a warm van and a wee dram. True to form today he didn’t disappoint and had a bag full of ice with cold beer and water within!!

The visiting brethren were warmly greeted by the members of Abiff Lodge and welcomed into the Lodge. This was a new venue for the cyclists having never visited Saxmundham before. The ceremony this evening was a third degree and the WM and his officers raised Brother Ben Blowers in an excellent fashion.

Following the meeting the Brethren then departed the Temple to travel a short distance to the Queens Head Hotel for the festive board. This was another first for the cyclists, a Chinese festive board that was most welcome. The usual good cheer and camaraderie ensued during which the WM presented a cheque for £145 to WBro Andy in support of the 2019 Festival.

So thanks to Abiff Lodge for a very warm welcome, an excellent ceremony and also for a donation towards the Festival.

And once again for the help from Brother Stephen Martin-Halls, his van and refreshments and transporting the cyclists back home.

Next Visit: Monday October 10th – St Margarets 1452 – Lowestoft
Miles to date: 1096
Lodges visited: 37
Lodges to go: 30

Fuel stop in Framlingham!

The WM WBro Andy Swift handing WBro Andy Gentle a cheque in support of the Festival 2019 at the Festive Board.

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