Visit to Adair Lodge No 936, Saxmundham

On Thursday 4th May the cyclists were scheduled to make their second visit to Saxmundham.

On Thursday 4th May the cyclists were scheduled to make their second visit to Saxmundham. Only two Lodges meet here so this would also be the last time they cycled to this location. They were off to visit Adair Lodge No 936. The forecast was yet again cold and overcast with a strong headwind blowing in from the North East, just the direction the cyclists were heading in. In contrast to the previous journey to Saxmundham last September when it was sunny and hot the weather today was truly grey and cold.

The headwind, a different route and WBro Andy’s still injured back took its toll on the cyclist’s time, the journey taking them a full 45 minutes more to complete although this route was some 5 miles longer as well. Arriving cold the cyclists were greeted by Brothers from Adair Lodge and WBro Cliff Sargeant in the support van. WBro Phil Dunnett of Adair Lodge, who having a flat close by provided a place to change. The heating was on and WBro Phil provided a dram of Glenlivet, for medicinal purposes…This soon had the cyclists feeling warm and thawing out.

The brothers were then met by other members of the Lodge at the Bell Hotel and crisps and beer were provided. A short walk up the road to the Lodge rooms and the stunning temple where the business of the evening was to initiate Mr John Lewis. The WM WBro Cox then made his friend a Brother in an excellent ceremony, assisted by his officers. The Assistant Provincial Grand Master WBro Keith Huxley accompanied by a provincial escort was also in attendance to witness Bro Lewis being welcomed into Freemasonry. WBro Andy and Bro Nick were introduced and for the first time the cyclists were listed as an item on the summons! The Worshipful Master then presented WBro Andy with a cheque for £400 towards their efforts and the 2019 Festival. He explained to the Brethren about the cycling challenge and how it grew from an idea to where it was now and the progress that they had made.

Following the ceremony, the Brethren then travelled a short distance to the Social club at Kelsale where the cyclists were once again not allowed to buy any drinks but were provided with plenty!

There followed an excellent Festive Board upstairs, the cyclists all sitting amongst brothers they had not met before, giving them the opportunity to make new friends and meet new Brothers. Brother Nick Moulton once again responded to the visitors toast and he was well received.

So, thank you Adair Lodge for your warm welcome, your very generous donation to the Festival and for treating the cyclists and their support crew to their supper and drinks! And to WBro Phil Dunnet for the provision of a place to change and the warming dram!

And of course, once again to WBro Cliff Sargeant for driving the support van complete with snacks and drinks on arrival!

Some final thanks associated with this visit must go to Worshipful Brother Brian Simpson. WBro Brian runs a Physiotherapy practice in Ipswich, specializing in the treatment of Sports injuries, high speed traumas and musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain. Without Brian’s help it was doubtful WBro Andy would have made the journey…

Miles to date: 1525
Lodges visited: 48
Lodges to go: 20

Money Raised from Lodge visits £10,908 – £4,092 to go to reach the Target of £15000!

Arrival at the Masonic Hall, somewhat cold!
The assistant Provincial Grand Master WBro Keith Huxley, WBro Andy Gentle, Brother John Lewis (initiate), The WM WBro David Cox and Bro Nick Moulton

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