Visit to British Union Lodge, Ipswich, 5th March 2015

W Bro Andy Gentle (Priory 4618) , Bro Gareth Evans and Bro Nick Mouton continued their quest to visit all 67 Suffolk lodges by cycling 22 miles to British Union Lodge No 144 on the 5th March. Bro Nick Moulton having recovered from his injury opted to use his mountain bike, W Bro Gentle chose his hybrid whilst Bro Evans used his road bike, the very fact that they now have a choice of bikes illustrates how their quest is progressing as at the start they didn’t actually have 3 bikes between them! The journey of 22 miles took 1 hour 26 minutes which is somewhat less the a recent trip undertaken by the British Union JW who had just completed a ride from Lands’ End to John O’Groats on a single geared bike.

The Brethren of the British Union lodge warmly welcomed the cyclists and were even able to secure a tie for Bro Nick after he forgot to bring one. They then raised Bro C Pead to the third degree in fine form during which W Bro Brian Simpson explained the phrase “it proves a slip” in gory and pictorial detail! A fine festive board followed, with the free for all seating arrangement proving once again that not all lodges do the same thing. The donation of £100 was much appreciated. The cyclists and their bikes were transported back to Sudbury by Julie Gentle and W Bro Sid Turner (Stour Valley), which was once again much appreciated as without the help of family and brethren this task would be much harder if not impossible.

Next Visit: Bosmere Lodge ( No 9460) 23rd March 2015, Stowmarket

Miles to date: 394
Lodges visited: 12
Lodges to go: 55

British Union Lodge visit

British Union Lodge visit