Visit to Caduceus Lodge No 9536 – Bury St Edmunds

The first visit of this year, on Saturday 28th January was to Caduceus Lodge, meeting during the day at Bury St Edmunds.

The first visit of this year, on Saturday 28th January was to Caduceus Lodge, meeting during the day at Bury St Edmunds.

Late November was the last time that the cyclists threw a leg over their bikes to visit a Lodge. The break from cycling, the Christmas festivities and the current cold weather meant that the short journey to Bury St Edmunds would be more challenging than the last time they visited Ashlar House. Thankfully the weather for the first time that week was above freezing, so although the journey was reasonably cold, it wasn’t the minus 5/6° it was two days before. In fact they even saw a glimpse of the sun… Making the 16-mile journey a pleasant morning cycle.

The cyclists were once again very warmly welcomed by members of Caduceus Lodge.

The ceremony today was to be a double initiation, yet another first for the cyclists, if you’ll excuse the pun! The Worshipful Master Mark Fradgley and his team executed the Double first in a most excellent fashion and Brothers Torr and Lawrence-Stearn were welcomed into the craft and Caduceus Lodge. In the second rising WBro Andy was given the opportunity to further explain the quest they had embarked upon and their progress to date. The cyclists were then presented with a cheque for £100 towards the Festival, which was gratefully received.

Following the ceremony the brethren sat down to an excellent Festive Board. The cyclists and their support crew, WBro’s Cliff Sargeant and Larry Bensusan all enjoyed the company of the Brethren, many whom they had not met before. Which just goes to show that having visited Lodge No 40 out of 68 there are many new friends and Brothers they are yet to meet on their quest!

So thank you to Caduceus Lodge for a very warm welcome, an excellent and interesting ceremony, superb Festive Board and a generous donation towards the Festival.

Thanks once again go to Brother Cliff Sargeant for driving the support vehicle.

Miles to date: 1212
Lodges visited: 40
Lodges to go: 28
Next Visits:
Laconic 9771 – Ipswich on 24th February
Fidelity 555 – Framlingham on 1st March
Doric 81 – Woodbridge on 8th March
Stradbroke Lodge 3291 – Lowestoft on 15th March
Lodge of Unity 71 – Lowestoft on 30th March
Apollo 305 – Beccles on 6th April
St Andrews 1631 – Gt Yarmouth on 19th April
Prince of Wales 959 – Ipswich on 2nd May
Adair Lodge 936 – Saxmundham on 4th May
Seckford 6411 – Woodbridge on 17th May
Solea 9498 – Bury St Edmunds on 23rd May
Felix Lodge 2371 – Felixstowe on 11th October
Orwell 6637 – Ipswich on 19th October

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