Visit to Countryside Lodge of Suffolk No9830 – Bury St Edmunds

On Friday April 22nd Brothers Nick and Andy set to once again visit Ashlar House in Bury St Edmunds, their 7th visit to the new Bury St Edmunds center. For once the cyclists managed to beat the weather, arriving minutes before the skies opened and it poured with rain. Otherwise it had been a pleasant journey, which the cyclists covered in just a few minutes over the hour.

Brothers Nick & Andy were both guests of the Worshipful Master Brother Cliff Sargeant and they were warmly welcomed, both by him and the members of Countryside Lodge. This was a significant visit in the challenge, being the 34th out of 67, pushing the cyclists past the half way mark for the number of Lodges visited!

This evening in the Temple the ceremony was to raise Brother Ian Griffin, which the Worshipful Master did, in an excellent fashion and was ably assisted by his officers. Worshipful Brother Andy was asked to deliver the Walking Charge to Brother Ian, which he was honored to do as a visiting Brother!

At the Festive Board the WM Bro Cliff presented WBro Andy with a generous donation for £100 in support of the cycling challenge. WBro John Pitcher then passed around a small plastic box into which a £1 was inserted. Anyone who could open it got the coins. No one could and the proceeds of £32 were given to the cyclists as well. Added to which Wbro George Pipe donated £10 to make a healthy sum of £142 raised in support of the Festival. The meal as usual was excellent, as was the company, the camaraderie and good cheer!

So thank you to The Countryside Lodge of Suffolk for a very warm welcome and for your support, as always it is very much appreciated.

Worshipful Brother Andy’s wife, Julie who picked up the bikes once they arrived, provided the logistical support this evening. Thanks must also go to Worshipful Brother Steve Bye who arranged for one of his cars from A1 Taxi’s to pick up the cyclists, the Worshipful Master and his guest, and deliver them back home.

Next Visit: Prudence Lodge 388 – Halesworth, May 16th.
Miles to date: 950
Lodges visited: 34
Lodges to go: 33