Visit to Culford Lodge No 8482, Bury St Edmunds

On Saturday 12th December W.Bro Andy Gentle and Bro Nick Moulton set out to visit Culford Lodge in Bury St Edmunds. The weather had been terrible all week with the Saturday forecast to be cold, 5 degrees, and heavy rain.
However on the day the temperatures were a mild 10/11 degrees with a little light drizzle. So instead of arriving at Ashlar House completely soaked and cold the Cyclists arrived mildly damp but warm, having made a reasonable time of 1 hour 7 minutes to complete the 16 miles partly in the dark through the Bury Xmas Shoppers . Although one of the shorter journey this one took the Cyclists over the 700 mile mark!

The ceremony was to be an initiation and the acting Worshipful Master W.Bro Colin Kennedy carried out the work in a very sincere and efficient manner, ably assisted by the officers of the Lodge. The Festive Board that followed was once again a jovial and friendly event, with a great and most welcome meal and some good conversation. Both the Cyclists are also keen motorcyclists and by chance sat next to three other Brothers that share a keen interest in motorcycling. How much easier this challenge would be on two wheels with an engine……………..

At the end of the Festive Board W.Bro Gentle was asked to explain a little more about the challenge, where the idea came from and progress made with the Challenge. He was then invited to pass around a pint mug into which the Brethren could make a donation towards the Festival and their Challenge. A most generous amount was raised and saw the sum of £154 donated, no small achievement from 33 Brethren who had already given to both the broken column and the raffle already. A testament to Culford Lodge and Freemasonry in Suffolk that the Cyclists were so generously supported!

Thanks must also go to WBro Barry Whymark from Magna Carta Lodge who accompanied the Cyclists on this visit and drove them and their bicycles back home after the meeting.

Once again an enjoyable and worthwhile visit. Thank you Culford Lodge.

Next Visit:
Stour Valley Lodge (1224) 18th December 2015, Sudbury
Miles to date: 704
Lodges visited: 23
Lodges to go: 44

Visit to Culford Lodge No 8482

Visit to Culford Lodge No 8482