Enjoying the “Festive” Festive Board!, WBro Andy - WM WBro Colin Birkbeck - Bro Nick

Visit to Doric Lodge No 81 Woodbridge.

Wednesday 13th December and the cyclists were due to cycle to Woodbridge to visit Doric Lodge. No Global Warming in East Suffolk it seems

On Wednesday 13th December the cyclists were due to cycle to Woodbridge to visit Doric Lodge. Sadly, the weather intervened…With many of the back roads still covered in ice and snow and the weather very cold and wet, the cyclists opted to go the safer route, by car and cycle another day, when it’s warmer and safer, with less risk of falling off. Brother Nick drew the short straw as he lives in Essex and drove, giving the intended support driver WBro Barry Whymark the evening off. Brother Andy called shotgun and bagged the heated seat, very welcome as he had spent the first part of the day getting soaking wet and cold. This meant he was still able to moan about the cold and wet weather!  

Interestingly and due to heavy traffic, the car journey was only 45 minutes quicker than it would have taken the cyclists to ride the 32 miles. After Brother Moulton’s second attempt to park straight in a space right outside the Lodge, saved for them by a kind lady from a local estate agency, the cyclists were warmly welcomed by the Brethren of Doric Lodge who were more than understanding that the cyclists had not ridden there.

The ceremony was an initiation and Mr Phillip Cottrell was made a Brother in an excellent ceremony carried out by the Worshipful Master WBro Colin Birkbeck and his officers. In the third rising Brother Andy was invited to explain a little more about the challenge they had embarked. And also, the reason why they had not cycled to visit this evening. Despite this, the Worshipful Master and Brethren of Doric Lodge still promised to support them.  

Following the meeting the Brethren retired to the Festive Board where a most excellent Festive Meal was served. The Worshipful Master and other Brethren in the Lodge had very generously paid for the cyclists and WBro Barry’s meals, a most generous and welcome gesture. Brother Andy and Nick found themselves wishing they could have cycled to burn off a few more calories as there were plentiful amounts of the excellent Christmas meal.  Good cheer and interesting conversation flowed and once again new Brothers were met. At the end of the Festive board Brother Andy was presented with a Cheque for £200 in support of their efforts and the Festival 2019. Brother Andy thanked the Worshipful Master WBro Colin and the members of Doric Lodge, promising to return at some future point, soon, on two wheels to fulfill the challenge!

So, thank you to Doric Lodge for an excellent evening, your very warm welcome, for generously paying for the excellent Christmas meals and finally for the generous donation towards the Festival 2019. An excellent Lodge that is well worth a visit. This should have been the last visit to the Woodbridge centre but we will look forward to a return visit when we can cycle there! Probably after Nick’s installation so he can have a chair with some elbow room.

Thanks again go Bro Nick Moulton for driving; Brother Andy is getting worried that Brother Nick appears to be enjoying driving more than cycling…


Miles to date: Still 1779!!!
Lodges visited: 58
Lodges to go: 10

Money Raised from Lodge visits £13,034 – £1966 to go to reach the Target of £15000

Enjoying the “Festive” Festive Board!, WBro Andy - WM WBro Colin Birkbeck - Bro Nick
Enjoying the “Festive” Festive Board!, WBro Andy – WM WBro Colin Birkbeck – Bro Nick

1 Comment on “Visit to Doric Lodge No 81 Woodbridge.”

  1. Anthony Henshall

    I am the secretary of the Staffordshire Knot Lodge No 726.

    I recently received a telephone call from a Worcestershire Mason who had in his possession a past masters collar with the square engraved ‘to W Bro E. Blackwell WM of Staffordshire Knot Lodge No 81’!!!! This was in the years 1966 to 1967. He was not a member of our Lodge and as you can see the engraving has our name and your number?

    If you are able to throw any light on this mystery I should be most grateful.


    Tony Henshall
    Secretary 726

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