WBro Andy. The Master WBro Stephen Ardley. WBro Nick.

Visit to East Point Millennium Lodge No 9704, Lowestoft

Friday 27th saw the cyclists setting off to visit East Point Millennium Lodge in Lowestoft. The last cycle to the Masonic Centre here, but the shortest…

Having cycled 72 miles to Gt Yarmouth the previous day the short ride back down to Lowestoft were easy in comparison. Thankful of the short journey, given the pouring rain the cyclists set off to cover the 13 miles in the wet and windy weather. Their route took them along the coast, along cycle tracks and onto a muddied path alongside the golf course. Ok, had the cyclists not been on road bikes wearing skinny tyres with no tread! A slow mile trying their hardest to keep upright eventually saw them onto a small tarmac road cutting through holiday parks.

As they reached Lowestoft they cut along the seafront stopping at Ness point on the way. It being too hard to determine which Masonic Centre is the most easterly in the British Isles the cyclists can at least say they have visited the most easterly point! And one of the Lodges visited in the last 24hrs will be the most Easterly!!

Ness Point, Britain’s Most Easterly Point, On the way to East Point Millennium!

Once again Brother Nick had chain problems, this time requiring a lengthier re-adjustment, resulting in a little more grease on the gloves….

…and on Bro Nicks face…
…and on Bro Nicks face…

Following Bro Gentle recovering from his laughter the cyclists arrived safely but rather wet at the Lowestoft Masonic Centre where the cyclists were warmly greeted by many familiar faces, and also new Brothers. A familiar face from Sudbury was even present, having had the sense to travel there in a car! They had time to enjoy a beer amongst friends before the meeting commenced.

The meeting that evening was to raise Brother Brendan Zagdan, and was well and efficiently executed by the Worshipful Master WBro Stephen Ardley, ably assisted by his officers and past Masters in an excellent manner. The cyclists and their support crew were welcomed in the meeting.

The Festive board was excellent. Once again variations to Lodge traditions saw the Brethren dining on round tables with the superb food served buffet style.  Once again, the excellent food, good company and friendly conversation made for a very pleasant end to the evening. Another interesting tradition at East Point is the stones…to see what they do with them it’s recommended you pay them a visit!

At the Festive Board a presentation was made to Andy & Nick of £200 towards their cycling challenge. Brother Andy accepted the donation from the Worshipful Master and took the opportunity to update the Brethren on their progress and thank them all for their support. This was the Brothers last visit on cycles Lowestoft having cycled here seven times. Once again the warm welcome received from all the Lowestoft Lodges has been outstanding.

So, thank you East Point Millennium Lodge, yet again a very warm welcome, a great meeting and festive board together with a great donation. Your support and positive comments as always, are very much appreciated.

Thanks too to our stalwart support driver Bro Stephen Martin-Halls who once again has taken time out to get the cyclists suits and cases there, and them home afterwards!

Miles to date: 2068
Lodges visited: 64
Lodges to go: 4

Money Raised from Lodge visits £14,848 –  now just £152 to go to reach the Target of £15000!

Stones at the Festive Board. Well it is a seaside lodge!
Stones at the Festive Board. Well it is a seaside lodge!

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