Felix United Lodge

Visit to Felix United Service Lodge No3833 – Felixstowe

Wednesday 23rd saw the cyclists setting off to Felixstowe to visit Felix United Service Lodge.

Wednesday 23rd saw the cyclists setting off to Felixstowe to visit Felix United Service Lodge.

The weather for the 35 mile journey was reasonably cold, bright to start but clouding over as the cyclists reached Ipswich. Luck was with them with the rain holding off until the last half mile when it began to drizzle. The journey was reasonably uneventful though Brother Nick did complain that his bike was in need of a service and was making some strange noises. Brother Andy commented that if he were Brother Nicks bike then he would probably be making strange noises as well…

The last 5 miles were done under the cover of darkness so they were glad to arrive in Felixstowe before the 5 o’clock traffic. Luck was with the cyclists however as shortly after arrival Brother Nick’s Bike finally protested by letting the air out of the front tyre! Thankfully that was going back in the support van!
The cyclists were once again very warmly welcomed by members of the Lodge.

The ceremony was a Third Degree with the work being carried out by two Grand Officers. WBro John Jarman, with the Traditional History being given by WBro Brian Vickers, together they raised Brother Nigel Mitchell to the third degree. A most excellent ceremony. At the end of the meeting the Worshipful Master WBro Tim Ward presented the cyclists with a cheque for £500 towards the Festival.

Following the ceremony the brethren sat down to an excellent Festive Board at St Johns hall. And the cyclists were thankful they didn’t have to get back in the saddle to cycle the half mile there! The usual good cheer and camaraderie ensued and the cyclists met old friends and made some new. So thank you to Felix United Service Lodge for a very warm welcome, an excellent ceremony and also for an extremely generous donation towards the Festival.

Thanks once again to Brother Stephen Martin -Halls who came along to drive the support van and for providing chocolate and a warming wee dram on arrival! Without this support the whole challenge would be much more difficult.

Next Visit: Nothing planned, but watch this space!
Miles to date: 1196
Lodges visited: 39
Lodges to go: Still 29! They added one more!!

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