Visit to Laconic Lodge No 9771 – Ipswich

On Friday 24th February Brothers Nick & Andy set off once again along the road to Ipswich, this time to visit Laconic Lodge No 9771.

On Friday 24th February Brothers Nick & Andy set off once again along the road to Ipswich, this time to visit Laconic Lodge 9771.

April 2016 was the last time the cyclists rode the route and since then the hills had seemingly become longer and steeper. Or so it seemed, the ride was cold, with a chilly 5º headwind not helping. This visit had every chance of being called off due to the previous days storm Doris. Brother Andy in his job as a tree surgeon was still removing a large tree from the top off a grade 2 listed building until late in the afternnon. Meaning a close call as to whether to cycle or for the first time take a car ride and cycle another day…

Thankfully job completed, a quick change and onto the bikes saw the cyclists leaving just on time. Sadly it was not an uneventful journey with Bro Andy having a near miss with the Friday night rush of traffic leaving the Farthing road industrial estate. A van pulled out across his path causing Bro Andy to swerve and skid to a halt to avoid collision. A sobering reminder of the risks the challenge presents. The cyclists eventually arrived safely at Soane Street and were greeted by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master WBro John Rice standing at the door.

A quick change into suits and there was just enough time for a quick beer in a nearby pub before the meeting.

The members of Laconic Lodge very warmly welcomed the cyclists to their meeting. There was no ceremony but WBro Andy was given the opportunity to give a short talk and presentation on their cycling and the progress to date. This was followed by a talk on the Festival 2019 by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master and also a talk on the Tercentenary celebrations by WBro Brian Simpson. The members of Laconic Lodge then very kindly made a donation of £200 to the cyclists in support of their challenge.

Following the meeting the brethren retired to the Ipswich & Suffolk Club for the Festive Board. The cyclists and their support crew, Bro Stephen Martin-Halls all enjoyed a most excellent meal and the company of the Brethren.

So thank you to Laconic Lodge for a very warm welcome, a really excellent Festive Board and a generous donation towards the Festival.

Thanks for picking up the bikes, delivering suits and briefcases to Ipswich must this time go to WBro Andy’s wife Julie and thanks for the lift home from the Laconic Secretary WBro Anthony Lyster.

Yet another successful cycle ride, if only just in time…

Miles to date: 1235
Lodges visited: 41
Lodges to go: 27

Under the thumb of the DPGM! Arrival at Soane Street!

The tree that nearly stopped the cycle!

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