Visit to Landguard Lodge No 9346, Felixstowe

On Wednesday 4th November W Bro Andy Gentle and Bro Nick Moulton set out with a degree of trepidation on what proved to be the wettest trip of the challenge so far, to visit Landguard Lodge No 9346 in Felixstowe. The weather had been pretty awful for most of the week and this theme continued with heavy rail all the way until Trimley St Martin when it finally stopped and the skies cleared a little, which then also brought the temperature down. However the hospitality of the hosts had already begun and a room had been arranged at the nearby Orwell Hotel (courtesy of Brother Andrew Vales the Manager there) so that the boys could get changed out of their wet gear, shower and warm up. Arriving wet through and cold this was very much welcomed by the cyclists and the timely arrival of the support vehicle meant they were soon changed and warm again. The average speed of the journey had dropped by some 3mph, due in part to the weather and also to covering the 34 miles on mountain bikes as opposed to road bikes.

Once restored to their personal comforts they made their way to the Lodge where they were warmly welcomed by all the members of Landguard. The ceremony was to be an initiation and the Worshipful Master WBro Andi Hillman made his best friend Mr Andrew Sochon a Brother, in a very sincere and moving manner and together with the officers and Brethren who took part it made for a most enjoyable ceremony. The festive board that followed was a very friendly event with excellent food and drink, great camaraderie and conversation and was rounded off with a welcoming song to the visitors from the members of Landguard. W Bro Andy Gentle was called upon to reply to the visitors toast and thanked the Brethren for the donation of £140 from the raffle. The Senior warden Bro Keith Burrows also made a personal donation of £40 making the sum raised for the evening a most appreciated £180.

The Worshipful Master of Priory Lodge WBro Steven Ray provided the logistical support transporting the cyclists, their bikes and a pile of wet cycling gear home.

Once again an enjoyable and worthwhile visit. Thank you Landguard Lodge.

Next Visit: Virtue & Silence Lodge (332) 11th November 2015, Hadleigh
Miles to date: 675
Lodges visited: 21
Lodges to go: 46

(Unfortunately, on this leg, it was too wet for the cyclists to take any photos and risk drowning an expensive iPhone!)