Visit to Lodge of Perfect Friendship 376 – Ipswich

Wednesday the 20th saw Brothers Nick and Andy set out once again on the road to Ipswich to visit The Lodge of Perfect Friendship for their St Georges day meeting. The weather was reasonable, with sunny spells but still unseasonably cold for the time of year, the Suffolk countryside very pleasant with Spring almost there, but not quite yet. The journey was uneventful, apart from when the cyclists were overtaken by a Hare, running along a roadside field. Initially the cyclists felt a bit disappointed at being overtaken by an overgrown rabbit but ought not be, seeing as Hare’s can run at up to 50mph! This was the 10th visit to the Ipswich Masonic Centre at Soane Street.

The Cyclist were warmly welcomed by the members of the Lodge and once changed had time for a quick beer before the Lodge was opened.

This evening the Maids Head Lodge No 8558 from Norwich was visiting to carry out an historical re-enactment entitled “The Founding of Australia and its first Masonic Lodge”. This was a superb re-enactment, very well done and enjoyed by all present. In the risings Brother Andy was given the opportunity to explain all about the cycling challenge that they were engaged in and their progress to date. The WM then announced that the Lodge would be donating £250 towards the Festival in recognition of the cyclist’s efforts, a very generous donation indeed!

The festive board was excellent; it being a St Georges Day celebration it was of course roast beef. For the benefit of the Scottish brethren present a most amusing “Toast to the Roast” was given before it was carved! Once again the cyclists and their support crew, Brothers Paul Vella & Stephen Martin-Halls met new friends and Brothers and enjoyed a great evening.

Brother Paul Vella drove the support van this evening for which the cyclists were, once again, most grateful.
So thank you to The Lodge of Perfect Friendship for a very warm welcome and for your support, as always it is very much appreciated.

Next Visit: Countryside Lodge of Suffolk 9830- Bury St Edmunds
Miles to date: 934
Lodges visited: 33
Lodges to go: 34

Visit to Lodge of Perfect Friendship 376 - Ipswich