Lodge of Unity, Lowestoft

Visit to Lodge of Unity No 71, Lowestoft

The visit on Thursday 30th March was once again up to the North of the county in Lowestoft.

The visit on Thursday 30th March was once again up to the North of the county in Lowestoft. The bikes now almost knew their own way there…this time to visit Lodge of Unity, No71, and the oldest Lodge in Suffolk.

The forecast was good and once again shorts and T-shirts were the order of the day. True to the forecast it was indeed a beautiful day, the roadside primroses now bigger and even more abundant, the trees now coming into leaf and the Cherry blossom out to enjoy the sun. The crops, now a few inches higher and a lush green, but still not quite tall enough to hide the boxing Hares and strutting Cock pheasants. The route through the stunning Suffolk countryside wound its way through small country lanes and roads, past the spectacular Capability Brown landscaped Hevingham Hall grounds before emerging onto larger roads before Halesworth. Having made excellent time the cyclists stopped for a well-earned pint at the Angel Hotel, now a regular pit stop…

Other than playing a few games of dodge the crop sprayer the weather held good, the warmest day of the year so far and the cyclists arrived at the Masonic Hall, making the best time to date to arrive at Lowestoft. WBro Paul Vella, master of Priory Lodge was there to greet them in the support van. The members of Unity greeted the cyclists warmly, there were also many familiar faces, this being the 7th time the cyclists had cycled to the masonic center here. This journey also saw them reach 1400 miles covered to date in their quest to visit all of the Lodges in Suffolk.

The work this evening was a second-degree and the WM WBro Michael Stanton and the officers of the Lodge passed Brother Adrian Harvey in a most excellent fashion. Brother Andy was given the opportunity to also explain a little more about the cycling challenge and their progress to date. The Charity steward then announced that Lodge of Unity would donate the proceeds of the raffle towards the cyclist’s cause and the Festival 2019.

The festive board, as had come to be expected in Lowestoft was excellent, with a substantial and hearty meal of roast lamb with all the trimmings. With over 70 brethren sitting down to dine there was good conversation and the visiting brethren once again made new acquaintances and friends. The raffle saw an excellent sum of £300, which was given to the cyclists in support of the Festival.

So thank you to the Lodge of Unity for a very warm welcome, your very generous donation and for your support. And also to WBro Paul Vella for driving the support van and getting the cyclists home safely

Miles to date: 1400
Lodges visited: 44
Lodges to go: 24

Lodge of Unity, Lowestoft

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