Visit to Lodge Prince of Wales No 959, Ipswich.

Tuesday 2nd May was overcast and unseasonably chilly for May.

Tuesday 2nd May was overcast and unseasonably chilly for May. Thankfully the scheduled journey for the cyclists was one that was now classed as “short” when compared to some of the more recent visits to the North of the county. Brother Andy was however still somewhat unsure of his ability to be able to cycle due to a back injury and they set out unsure of whether they would complete todays journey and with the support van on standby in case it all went wrong. Thankfully it didn’t and the looming black clouds ahead of them in the distance stayed that way and they reached Soane Street safely, although some 15/20 minutes slower than their usual pace.

They were met by WBro Sid Turner who was today acting as chauffer and support driver. Then a quick change into more suitable attire, although Bro Andy did have a moment when he thought he would have to go into the Lodge in lycra shorts… there being no trousers with his jacket… Thankfully they had fallen to the bottom of his suit carrier and the Brethren were spared a traumatic sight! The cyclists were warmly welcomed and enjoyed a beer at the bar before the meeting.

The ceremony was to pass Brother James Donlin and this was carried out in a very efficient and sincere manner by the Worshipful Master and his Officers, together with an excellent explanation of the Second Degree Tracing board afterwards. WBro Andy was then presented with a donation towards the Festival, together with a booklet on the history of the Lodge and celebrating their 150th. He was given the opportunity to respond and explain in a little more detail all about the cycling challenge and progress to date.

There followed an excellent Festive Board and once again new friends were made and old ones re-met. Brother Nick Moulton responded to the visitors toast and he was well received. As luck would have it both the cyclists won raffle prizes, two boxes of chocolates, though only one of the cyclists went home with them…

So Thank you Lodge Prince of Wales for your warm welcome and your generous donation to the Festival. Also to WBro Sid Turner for providing logistical support for the evening.

Miles to date: 1478
Lodges visited: 47
Lodges to go: 21

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