Visit to Old Framlinghamian’s Lodge No 6646, Framlingham

On Saturday 16th April the two cyclists set out to visit Old Framlinghamians’s Lodge. The journey was to follow part of the route the cyclists would normally take to visit Lowestoft.
The weather proved true to the forecast, overcast and cold, complete with showers. The journey was uneventful and despite several layers the cold and wet eventually took its toll, forcing the Brothers to stop in the quaint village of Debenham for coffee and cake! A little warmer and more energized they then set out on the last short leg to Framlingham. Brother Andy’s fingers and toes however were soon once again frozen and their arrival at the Masonic Hall was a welcome end to what had proved to be one of the coldest and most unpleasant journeys to date. Relief however was awaiting them, in the form of Brother Stephen Martin-Halls, again taking on the role of St Bernard, hip flask of whisky and warm van at the ready!!

This was the first visit to the Masonic Hall at Framlingham and the Brothers were warmly greeted. The Lodge was promptly opened at 5pm and the Brethren were treated to a lecture entitled “The Solomonic Degrees of Freemasonry” very well delivered by VW Bro Brian Vickers. Brother Andy was given the opportunity to explain all about the cycling challenge that they were engaged in and their progress to date. The WM then announced that the Lodge would be donating £250 towards the Festival in recognition of the cyclist’s efforts, a superb donation!

The festive board was excellent, the wholesome chicken, leek and mushroom pie gratefully received and hungrily devoured by the cyclists! The Lodge, for which the brothers were most grateful, very generously paid for their meals.

Once again the cyclists and their support crew met new brothers and the friendly conversation flowed. Brother Nick Moulton gave a suitable reply to the visitors toast.
Once again thanks must go to Brother Stephen Martin-Halls whose van provided for a warmer journey home!
So thank you Old Framlinghamian’s Lodge for a very warm welcome and for your support, as always it is very much appreciated.

Next Visit: Lodge of Perfect Friendship, Ipswich – April 20th
Miles to date: 911
Lodges visited: 32
Lodges to go: 35