Visit to Orient Lodge No 4085, Lowestoft

On Wednesday 6th April the cyclists once again threw their legs over the saddle, their destination for this journey, Lowestoft, to visit Orient Lodge. The forecast was mixed, sunshine and showers and they set out under a cloudy sky to begin the 65 mile journey. It soon brightened to become a nice sunny day and Brother Nick uttered the fateful words “Surely the weather won’t change now, look at that blue sky ahead”…This was after about 35/40 miles. Brother Andy being more skeptical looked behind them and said “Look at them there big black clouds”…As hard as they cycled the clouds made progress on them, other clouds joining in from the west to form a pincer movement and trap the cyclists. So 12 miles out from Lowestoft saw them once again wet and cold, this time huddled under a large conifer tree at the side of the road in an attempt to keep off some of the torrential rain. True to the forecast the rain passed and 20 minutes later they set off to complete their journey, stopping at a local pub 4 miles out for a wee dram for medicinal purposes and its warming properties! The journey had taken them through some lovely Suffolk countryside, little lanes you would not normally see in a car, and a journey from one end of the county to the other, making the cyclists appreciate what a beautiful County Suffolk really is.
Upon arriving at Lowestoft Masonic centre they were greeted by the Worshipful Master Bro Nick Warnes who had also made the journey on two wheels, a motorcycle. Far more sensible and civilized! The cyclists were warmly welcomed and once changed just had time for a quick beer before the meeting.
The meeting this evening was a first degree in which the WM and his officers initiated Mr Matthew Atkins in an excellent fashion to make him a brother. During the Charity Stewards report the WM Bro Nick Warnes presented WBrother Andy with a cheque for £150 in recognition and support of their long cycle to visit and raise money for the 2019 festival.

The festive board was an excellent meal of Pate, followed by Braised Steak, which the cyclists hungrily devoured. Three members of the Lodge paid for this which was most generous and for which they were most grateful. There was the usual good cheer and conversation at the festive board, all of us had a great evening.

Thanks must once again go to Bro Stephen Martin-Halls from Priory Lodge who drove his van to support, to get the cyclists and their bicycles back home after the meeting.
After a long cycle, the welcome, the hospitality, the meal and the donation were much appreciated by the cyclists and Bro Martin-Halls.
The donation from orient Lodge has taken the total money raised so far to over £5,900!!!

So Thank You Orient, and indeed all of the 30 Lodges visited to date.

Next Visit: Provincial Grand Stewards, Sudbury April 12th
Miles to date: 864
Lodges visited: 30
Lodges to go: 37