Seckford Lodge

Visit to Seckford Lodge No 6411, Woodbridge

The forecast for Wednesday 17th May did not look good, cloudy and heavy rain all day…

The forecast for Wednesday 17th May did not look good, cloudy and heavy rain all day… Not the best conditions for the cyclists to make their journey to Woodbridge in. This visit was their first time to the Masonic Centre here, to visit Seckford Lodge No 6411. Thankfully by lunchtime the rain had stopped and the roads were beginning to dry as the two cyclists set off. Their route mirrored that to Soane Street in Ipswich then through the town center and out into the greenbelt of Ipswich and into the smaller lanes to arrive safely in Woodbridge without incident. The sun even came out making it a most pleasant cycle through the Suffolk Countryside which with the recent rain was a lush green. Numerous puddles meant that the cyclists did get a little damp and spattered with mud, a small price to pay as within an hour of arriving it began to rain heavily. Luck and a little sun was certainly shining upon them!

The brothers were well met by members of the Lodge and were also pleased to see two visiting Masters from Lodges Adair and Fidelity, both recent cycling visits in the last few months. The cyclists and their support crew were provided with a refreshing beer and were informed by the dining steward that all their meals were to be paid for by the Lodge, a warm welcome indeed!

The ceremony was a first degree and the work was carried out in a most sincere and efficient manner by the Worshipful Master Godfrey Evans. Mr Robert McGukin became a Brother and a member of Seckford Lodge, welcomed by both members and visitors alike. The Worshipful Master announced that the Broken Column would be given to the cyclists in support of their challenge to raise money towards the 2019 Festival. WBro Andy then reported on their progress and thanked the Lodge. The Broken column raised the sum of £165.40.

Following the ceremony, the Brethren all retired to the on-site dining hall for the Festive Board where an excellent and hearty cottage pie was served up, helping to replenish the burned calories. As is always the case when visiting a Lodge, they made new friends and re-acquainted themselves with Brothers met on previous visits.

So, thank you Seckford Lodge for your warm welcome, your generous donation to the Festival and for treating the cyclists and their support crew to their supper! An enjoyable evening.

And last but never least the support crew, this time in the form of WBro Steven Ray who drove the van to get the cyclists and their bikes home.

Miles to date: 1636
Lodges visited: 50
Lodges to go: 18

Money Raised from Lodge visits: £11,073 – £3,927 to go to reach the Target of £15000!

Seckford Lodge

Seckford Route

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