WBro Andy Gentle, WM WBro Steven Bignell, The RWPGM Ian Yeldham, Bro Nick Moulton

Visit to Southwold Lodge No 9894, Southwold

Monday 16th April saw the cyclists setting off once again to Southwold, this time with a tweaked route plan and on road bikes.

Monday 16th April saw the cyclists setting off once again to Southwold, this time with a tweaked route plan and on road bikes. The forecast was dry with some sunshine, no rain, very little wind and a temperature of 14º, perfect conditions! The cyclists quickly realised how difficult they had been making the past 20 odd journeys, travelling mainly on the mountain bikes…. the road bikes positively gliding along with ease. The thinner tyres and lighter weight made for a record time to Stowmarket. The journey continued at a brisk pace, however there really there was no rush today, Southwold Lodge meeting the following day at 10.30am…The journey was just about uneventful, Brother Andy skidding on a patch of sand near to the end but managing, just, to keep upright. Pleasant sunshine and the smell of fresh cut grass and spring blossom prevailed, well at least until Blythburgh when the smell of what the region is famous for filled the air…

The Brothers arrived in great time at the Harbour Inn, ahead of schedule and enjoyed a couple of pints of Adnams ale, dangerous getting there early when such nice beer is on tap…They then met their support driver Bro Stephen Martin-Halls and went to find their accommodation for the evening.

A quick change and shower saw the cyclists and their support crew enjoy an evening in Southwold in the company of the RWPGM Ian Yeldham and WBro Paul Rackham, both who came to support the cyclists in their endeavours. A good meal and a few more pints of the local ale saw a very pleasant end to the day.

Following breakfast the cyclists changed and made their way to the Lodge once again. They were warmly greeted by the members of Southwold Lodge and many other brethren. The RWPGM Ian Yeldham, The VWDPGM John Rice & the APGM WBro Keith Huxley were also in attendance, together with several well-known Brethren. Once gain the brothers had the change to admire the Temple and its furnishings. This morning an excellent lecture was given by the Provincial Orator Peter Thorogood. The WM Bro Stephen presented bro Andy with a cheque in support of their cycling endeavors, for which Bro Andy thanked the Lodge and explained their progress to date.

Following this the brethren once again retired to the Constitutional Club for lunch. The festive board was once again a pleasant affair with good food and cheer where new friends were met and old ones caught up with. Southwold Lodge has a most entertaining festive board, slightly different but thoroughly entertaining. If you want to find our more you will have to visit…. It is highly recommended!

During the festive Board the Port draw was held and this raised the sum of £149 which was very generously donated to the cyclists and the Festival 2019 making a total of £249 raised!!

So, thank you to Southwold Lodge, once again a very warm welcome, a great meeting and festive board with a generous donation. Your support and positive comments as always, are very much appreciated.

If you’ve never visited either of the Southwold Lodges you should, you will not be disappointed!

Miles to date: 1960
Lodges visited: 61
Lodges to go: 7

Money Raised from Lodge visits £13,748 – £1252 to go to reach the Target of £15000

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