Visit to St Andrew’s Lodge No 1631, Gt Yarmouth.

Wednesday the 19th April was the perfect weather for cycling, dry and bright with no rain.

Wednesday the 19th April was the perfect weather for cycling, dry and bright with no rain. The journey for the cyclists today was to be the longest one to date, the planned route 80 miles to visit St Andrews Lodge in Great Yarmouth, across the border and into Norfolk.

Sadly however the cycle could not happen. Worshipful Brother Andy had an unfortunate accident on Easter Sunday, just a few days before, resulting in a severe back injury, which meant he could not cycle.

So the decision was made to still proceed with the visit and the cyclists got to see the countryside from the comfort of a car. The journey still took nearly 2 hours leaving the cyclists contemplating the fact that there was still quite a challenge ahead of them to complete the visits to the remaining 23 Lodges.

Upon arrival the cyclists and visiting Brethren, Bro Stephen Martin-Halls & WBro Barry Whymark were warmly welcomed and provided with liquid refreshment!

The ceremony this evening was an initiation, the Worshipful Master ably supported by his officers carried this out and Mr Mark Seabrook was made a brother and welcomed into St Andrews Lodge.

It was announced that St Andrews Lodge would still look to support the cyclists on this visit despite the fact that they hadn’t cycled on this occasion and that the proceeds of the raffle that evening would be donated towards the Festival and the cyclists.

The festive board was excellent with good food, good company and over 100 brethren sat down to dine and socialise. The raffle raised an impressive £550, which was an outstanding amount, to be donated towards the cyclists in support of the Festival 2019. WBro Andy was then given the opportunity to thank the Lodge and explain a little more about the challenge and progress to date. This was the first and hopefully the only Lodge that the cyclists had failed to cycle to. WBro Andy vowed to return on a bike as soon as he was fit enough, although the 80-mile route may mean that the bike was a slightly larger one with an engine if his recovery was too slow. Although Bro Andy hoped to be back to fitness soon as other cycling visits were imminent.

So thank you St Andrews Lodge for your support, your very generous donation and for providing the cyclists and support crew with their dinners.

The support crew for once, were driven, Bro Nick Moulton volunteering to drive on this occasion.

Miles to date: 1455
Lodges visited: 46
Lodges to go: 22

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