Visit to St Margarets Lodge No1452 – Lowestoft

The day was overcast with showers and some sunshine predicted along the route and temperatures down to 11º…

Another long cycle planned for Monday 10th October, which saw the cyclists set off on their bikes to visit St Margaret’s Lodge in Lowestoft.

Unlike the last visit in September when it was bright and sunny with temperatures into the 80’s, the weather had now turned distinctly Autumnal. The day was overcast with showers and some sunshine predicted along the route and temperatures down to 11º. There were more showers than sunshine; one particularly heavy downpour caused the cyclists to seek shelter in the Angel Hotel in Halesworth and enjoy some liquid refreshment while watching the rain!

If there was a medal to be awarded for dodging the showers then the cyclists would have won gold, arriving in Lowestoft barely wet whilst all around there were black clouds, rain and rainbows. And rather large puddles! The route taken was partly new, taking in some even smaller roads through the stunning Suffolk Countryside, knocking a mile off the normal 65-mile route.

The Worshipful Master WBro Vyvyan Kestle and all the members of St Margaret’s Lodge warmly greeted the visiting brethren. The WM and his officers, in what can only be described as an excellent fashion conducted the ceremony of raising Bro Keith Paul to the third degree.

Bro Andy welcomed the opportunity to explain a little more about the fund raising challenge in the second rising.

Following the ceremony the brethren sat down to an excellent meal of roast lamb at the Festive Board. The usual good cheer and camaraderie ensued and the cyclists met old friends and made some new. At the end of the evening the WM presented a cheque for £200 to WBro Andy in support of the 2019 Festival.

So thanks to St Margaret’s Lodge for a very warm welcome, an excellent ceremony and also for a generous donation towards the Festival.

Thanks once again to WBro Cliff Sargeant who came along to drive the support van, providing liquid refreshment and taking photos en route! Without this support the whole challenge would be much more difficult.

Next Visit: Nothing planned, watch this space!
Miles to date: 1160
Lodges visited: 38
Lodges to go: 29

The WM WBro Kestle presenting Bro Andy with a donation to the 2019 Festival.

One of the quiet Suffolk lanes en route to Lowestoft

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  1. Wor. Bro. Doug Stapleton Secretary and P.M. The Greymouth Lodge 1233, Past Ass. District Grand Master

    Greetings from, The Greymouth Lodge 1233 E.C., New Zealand, of which I am Secretary. Recently 25th March one Wor. Bro. Gerald Foulger, emailed me regards his nephew living in New Zealand and desirous of joining .
    our lodge,
    I emailed him details but am unsure if he received same…I have not received a reply. Would it be possible to contact him and ask if he received my note and what further progress has been made.

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