Arrival in Gt Yarmouth!

Visit to St Mary’s Lodge No 3828, Great Yarmouth

Two days after the visit to Round Table Lodge for WBro Nicks installation meeting the Brothers set off once again, their destination this time Gt Yarmouth to visit St Mary’s Lodge.

Two days after the visit to Round Table Lodge for WBro Nicks installation the Cycling duo set off again, destination Gt Yarmouth to visit St Mary’s Lodge. The route was a long one some 72 miles, from one end of the Province to the other! See the map below

As forecast it was a for a dry day with a temperature of around 12/14º with a gentle breeze from the south, perfect for the journey. Once again, the beautiful countryside and interesting little lanes made the miles pass quickly, apart from one little lane near Hoxne that had not fared well over the winter, becoming a near mile-long juggle with numerous potholes and debris washed into the lane, slowing the bikes to a walking pace.

Once into Norfolk and the worry of Adnams not going much further North, The Wherry Inn in Geldeston provided a perfect opportunity for some liquid refreshment! Refreshed the brothers made good time to The Masonic Assembly Rooms on Yarmouth seafront where they were met by the support Driver Brother Stephen Martin-Halls. The only incident being Brother Nicks chain throwing off which a quick roadside repair put right. Unfortunately, it was rather greasy which transferred to Nicks gloves and then onto his nose causing Brother Andy much amusement….

Following their arrival at the Masonic rooms the Cyclists checked into the Prom Hotel, owned by WBro Rodney Scott of St Mary’s Lodge where they showered and changed into more suitable attire. Where WBro Andy was appropriately allocated Room 101.

Then back to the Masonic Hall where the cyclists were warmly greeted by many familiar faces, and many new Brothers to share a ceremony of initiation, carried out by the Worshipful Master WBro Chris Harvey Carter and his officers in an excellent manner and Mr Michael Riley became Brother Riley! The magnificent Lodge room with its Italian Glass chandeliers and excellent décor adding to the occasion. For those that haven’t been it’s well worth a visit here.

The Festive board was an excellent and lively affair with over 80 Brethren sitting down to dine. The excellent food, good company and friendly conversation made for a very pleasant end to the evening. The initiates song was something rather special, to experience this you’ll have to visit St Mary’s Lodge for yourself!

At the Festive Board a presentation was made to Andy & Nick of £400 towards their cycling challenge. Brother Andy accepted the donation from the Worshipful Master and took the opportunity to update the Brethren on their progress and thank them all for their support. This was the Brothers last visit on cycles to Gt Yarmouth, however, they intend to return but in the comfort of a car!

So, thank you St Mary’s Lodge, yet again a very warm welcome, a great meeting and festive board together with a fantastic donation. Your support and positive comments as always are very much appreciated.

Thanks must also go to WBro Rodney Scott and the splendid hospitality at the Prom Hotel, a lovely hotel with very friendly staff and excellent food. If ever you find yourself in Yarmouth a visit here is recommended.

And of course, the support driver Bro Stephen Martin-Halls who once again has taken time out to get the cyclists suits and cases there, and them home afterwards!

Miles to date: 2055
Lodges visited: 63
Lodges to go: 5

Money Raised from Lodge visits £14,648 –  now just £352 to go to reach the Target of £15000!

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