Visit to Virtue & Silence Lodge No 332, Hadleigh

Visit to Stradbroke Lodge No 3291, Lowestoft

An uneventful and pleasant ride saw the cyclists arrive in good time at Stradbroke Lodge, Lowestoft

Wednesday 15th March dawned a sunny day as the two cyclists set out upon one of the longer rides to the North of the county. This time to Lowestoft, to visit Stradbroke Lodge.

A pleasant 14º saw them donning their shorts and T-shirts for the first time this year. There was little wind and the roadside primroses, the Blackthorn displaying its white blossom and abundant garden daffodils bore testament that spring was indeed on its way! The cyclists made good enough time to reward themselves with a refreshment stop at the Low House in Laxfield and even managed to sit outside in the sun. However the further North they ventured the colder it became, with the wind turning and a chilly breeze after Halesworth reminding them that Spring was only on its way and not yet here!!

An uneventful and pleasant cycle saw them arrive in good time at the Masonic Hall, albeit a little cold at the end. For once the cyclists arrived ahead of the normally punctual support van and enjoyed a coffee and the company of the arriving brethren while they waited. Brother Stephen Martin Halls eventually arrived some 45 minutes later looking harassed and still in his work clothes, a reminder that some of us have to juggle our masonic meetings with our work!

Due to unavoidable circumstances the Worshipful Master and some other officers could not be there so the Acting Worshipful Master and the officers of the Lodge then carried out a second-degree ceremony in a most excellent fashion and Brother Christopher Ames was passed to the degree of a Fellowcraft. All at short notice, a testament to the high standard of ritual within Stradbroke Lodge.

The festive board was excellent, Liver & Bacon with sausages and mash, more than enough to replenish the energy levels of the cyclists!

There was a good attendance at the meeting and the festive board and the visiting brethren made new acquaintances and friends. Brother Andy sat in between the two masters of Unity and Apollo Lodges, both of which are the next cycling visits they would be doing. At the festive board Brother Andy was given the opportunity to explain their progress with the cycling challenge and the Lodge then very kindly donated the proceeds of the raffle to the cyclists in support of the Festival and this raised a very generous sum of £220.

Once again thanks must go to Bro Stephen Martin- Halls for driving the support van, who on this occasion had to get changed into his suit from work clothes with the cyclists!
So thank you to the Stradbroke Lodge for a very warm welcome, your generous donation and for your support, as always it is very much appreciated.

Miles to date: 1336
Lodges visited: 43
Lodges to go: 25

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