Visit to Suffolk Installed Masters Lodge No 3913, Bury St Edmunds

On Saturday Tuesday 1st March W.Bro Andy Gentle and Bro Nick Moulton set out to visit Suffolk Installed Masters Lodge when they met at Bury St Edmunds. The weather had been quite nice for a few days, almost as if spring was on its way but come Tuesday it rained, almost all day but thankfully stopped for the cyclists to make their journey once again to Bury St Edmunds. The journey was uneventful, although Brother Moulton did complain that one or two of the hills had got bigger and 1 hour 7 minutes later they arrived at Ashlar house once again. WBro Andy is a member of Suffolk Installed Masters so once again another first for the cyclists as this is the first visit to a lodge that he is a member of.

The cyclists were warmly welcomed and once changed WBro Gentle began setting up a table with various items of Festival Merchandise that had arrived along with the support van! Not content with pedalling 16 miles to be at this meeting WBro Gentle then proceeded to pedal some Festival Merchandise as well!

The meeting was an Installation meeting with Worshipful Brother Mac Speake being installed into the chair of Suffolk Installed Masters, the third Lodge that he has taken the chair in. It was a well-performed ceremony with a great number of Brethren in attendance including the Deputy Provincial Grand master VW Brother David Harries. WBro Andy was given the opportunity to explain a little about the cycling challenge that he and Bro Moulton were involved in and the Lodge very kindly agreed to donate the Alms collection to the cyclists. The Alms collection realized a terrific £319.65!

There followed another hearty festive board with over 70 brethren sitting down to dine. All in attendance enjoyed once again good food and company.

Thanks must once again go to WBro Barry Whymark from Magna Carta Lodge who drove the support van to get the Cyclists and their bicycles back home after the meeting.
Once again an enjoyable and worthwhile visit. Thank you Suffolk Installed Masters Lodge.

Next Visit: Gippeswyck Lodge No4254 in Ipswich, 31st March
Miles to date: 776
Lodges visited: 28
Lodges to go: 39