Visit to Suffolk Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No 9215, Sudbury.

Tuesday 12th April saw the cyclists set for what should have been a short 4-mile journey just down the road to the Masonic Hall in Sudbury. Once again in the true spirit of the challenge the WBro Andy set off on a route across country in a large semi circle to add on a few miles and make things a little more challenging…following the same 8 mile route from a previous visit to the Hall, Brother Andy arrived more than suitably covered in mud and soaking wet! There was no rain during the journey but the fields were so muddy and waterlogged that it was impossible to stay dry. Bemused Brothers arriving at the hall early for a rehearsal gave several strange looks to the mud-splattered figure. In contrast Brother Nick was quite clean having taken an alternative route on road, in from the other side of town!!

Photographs were taken and it was a quick cycle back home for a shower to get changed into more acceptable attire to attend the meeting.

This was the Stewards Lodge installation meeting and there was a great attendance, which saw the temple full. The Provincial Grand Master WBro Ian Yeldham installed the new Master in a very efficient manner. Brother Andy was then invited to explain a bit more about their challenge in the third rising. The newly installed Master WBro Robert Rider then informed Bro Andy that the proceeds of the raffle that evening would be going to help their challenge in support of the Festival.

The Festive board was the usual sumptuous affair with excellent food. The dining hall was full and the Charity Steward WBro Jeremy Plummer made sure all of the brethren had purchased raffle tickets. This resulted in a terrific sum of £700 being raised and donated to the cyclists for the Festival. This extremely generous donation saw the total figure raised to date leap to £6647, meaning the cyclists original target set at the beginning of the challenge was now achieved with less that half the Lodges visited to date. A superb testament to the support the Lodges visited so far have given them to date!!

So thank you Suffolk Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge for a very warm welcome and for your support, as always it is very much appreciated.

Next Visit: Old Framlinghams 6646, Framlingham 16th April
Miles to date: 876
Lodges visited: 31
Lodges to go: 36