Visit to The Lodge of Fidelity No 555, Framlingham

On Wednesday 1st March the two cyclists set out to visit The Lodge of Fidelity in Framlingham.

On Wednesday 1st March the two cyclists set out to visit The Lodge of Fidelity in Framlingham. This was the second visit to the masonic temple at Framlingham. In contrast to the visit last April when the weather caused a stop to warm up in Debenham the cyclists arrived in in good time with only mildly cold fingers and toes.

There was no head wind and despite a longer route they made good time, arriving at the same time as Worshipful Brother Cliff Sargeant in the support van. The uneventful journey took them along a similar route, through stunning Suffolk countryside down narrow lanes. The snow drops in woodlands and the roadside verges indicating spring was on its way.

It was not long before the Brethren of Fidelity Lodge began arriving and the Brothers were warmly greeted. Time for some quick liquid refreshment, to meet the other members and visitors and the Lodge was then promptly opened at 6.15pm. The Worshipful Master W.Bro David Shutlar and the officers of the Lodge then raised Brother Wayne Snowling to the degree of a Master mason in a most excellent fashion. The superb stained glass window filtering the light from outside, adding to the splendor of the ceremony.

The festive board was excellent, the wholesome Steak & Ale pie gratefully received and hungrily devoured by the cyclists!

Once again the cyclists and their support crew met new brothers and the friendly conversation flowed over dinner. WBro Andy gave a suitable reply to the visitors toast and also explained a little more about the cycling challenge and the visits they had already made in support of the Festival 2019. The Lodge very kindly donated the proceeds of the raffle to the cyclists in support of the Festival and this raised a very generous sum of £160.

Once again thanks must go to WBro Cliff Sargeant for driving the support van.

So thank you to the Lodge of Fidelity for a very warm welcome, your generous donation and for your support, as always it is very much appreciated.

Miles to date: 1272
Lodges visited: 42
Lodges to go: 26

Arriving Outside the Lodge

The cyclists with the Worshipful Master of Fidelity – WBro David Shutlar. Note the superb stained glass window filtering the outside light.

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