Visit to The Lodge of Prudence No388 – Halesworth

Monday May the 16th saw the cyclists once again setting off to visit another Lodge, this time to Halesworth to visit The Lodge of Prudence. This was a venture into new territory for WBro Andy and Bro Nick having never visited before. The 49 miles were covered in a good time of 3hrs, 20minutes that meant that the brothers arrived at the Angel Hotel just around the corner to enjoy a well-earned pint in the sun! The weather on this journey was considerably better than all of the previous visits this year, warm with sunny spells, which made a pleasant change. Taking a slightly different route the cyclists were once again able to appreciate the beautiful countryside of Suffolk, passing through the patchwork of arable fields and small livestock farms down small country lanes.

It wasn’t too long before Bro’s Andy & Nick were joined by some of the members of Prudence who gave them a warm welcome who insisted on buying them another pint! Shortly after WBro Cliff Sargeant arrived in the support van, which enabled the cyclists to transform themselves into more respectable attire to attend the meeting.

The Masonic Hall was a short walk away, an inconspicuous doorway into a beautiful Temple in which there is clearly a lot of history. The visiting Brethren were treated to a third degree ceremony during which Brother Paul Keeble was raised to the degree of a Master Mason, in an excellent fashion by WBro Michael Hatt. After the ceremony Brother Andy was given the opportunity to explain to the Brethren a little more about the cycling visits and their progress towards their target.

Following the ceremony the brothers were thankful they didn’t have to cycle to the Festive Board, held some two miles away at Halesworth Golf club!

The dining room overlooked the Golf course and Suffolk Countryside making for a very pleasant setting. An excellent meal ensued with good conversation, new friends made and much good cheer and conversation. Also the fastest masonic fire in the province so far! The Lodge of Prudence treated the cyclists and their support crew to their meals, which was very much appreciated. The Worshipful Master Bro Karl Vice then presented WBro Andy with a cheque from the proceeds of the raffle for £195, to which a Brother added £5 to make a very generous donation of £200 towards the Festival and the Brothers cycling challenge.

So Thanks to Lodge of Prudence for a very warm welcome, an excellent ceremony and for the meals, also for a most generous donation towards the Festival.

And once again for the help of WBro Cliff Sargeant in the role of support driver, without his support the task would be so much harder.

Next Visit: Saturday May 21st – Silver Jubilee 8811 – Lowestoft
Miles to date: 999
Lodges visited: 35
Lodges to go: 32

Prudence Lodge