Waveney Lodge 929 visit 3rd September

W Bro Andy Gentle (Priory 4618), Bro Gareth Evans and Bro Nick Mouton visited Waveney Lodge (No 929)  on the 3rd September as part of their festival challenge to attend a meeting at all 66 Suffolk lodges. The trip was their first after the summer break, a break during which Bro Gareth has been hitting the gym as part of his own personal challenge to lose weight and Bro Nick hasn’t. The end result being a reversal of fortunes on the hills of Suffolk, of which there are many! All three brethren also enjoyed the pungent country aroma as they trekked down the country lanes between freshly dung spread fields!

Waveney lodge made W Bro Andy and his fellow cyclists very welcome on arrival which was much appreciated after one of the longer journeys of the quest. The brethren of the lodge then conducted a second degree of very high quality before everyone enjoyed a fine festive board to kick off the new season.

Last Visit: Waveney Lodge (No 929) 3rd September 2014. Miles 48. The donation of £100.00 was much appreciated!

Next Visit: Magi Lodge (No 9747) 9th September, Lowestoft

Miles to date:  188
Lodges visited: 6
Lodges to go: 60