Ways to give

There are a range of ways in which individual brethren or companions can donate over the period of the festival. Of great importance is to ensure that gift aid can be claimed at every opportunity, this is usually as simple as ticking a box, which any uk tax payer can do, and it automatically increases the value of your donation by 25%.

Individual giving
Regular donations
This is the simplest means of giving and is easily accomplished, by setting up a direct debit from your bank account, your charity steward or festival rep will be able to furnish you with the form to do this, and help with filling in and sending off if you need to. The form has a tick box to enable gift aid to be reclaimed.

You can download the direct debit form below.

  1. Please send it to Grand Charity using the address on the form
  2. Please complete Gift Aid box if appropriate
  3. Please note that all payments have to be on the 11th of any month, ( as indicated on the form,) and that the date of the first payment has to be 2 months after the date of sending the form to GC.
  4. The form can also be used to accompany a single donation by cheque etc, and by completing the right side box .. single donation, rather than the Regular donation box on the Left.
  5. Important to add personal details and Lodge/Chapter number so that the donation is properly credited, but by using this form, the correct Relief Chest details for our Festival are already pre-printed on it

Download Direct Debit Form

One off donations
These can be done using the same form, including the gift aid option.

Infrequent donations/lodge meetings.
Cash donations can be given at your lodge meetings as well as when you are visiting other lodges, relief Chest gift aid envelopes are available in every lodge.

Lodges and Chapters.
Within the Lodges and Chapters please consider how you can raise funds for the festival, but we do recognise that there are many claims on a lodges/chapter’s generosity.

Collective Lodge donations
All these donations will eventually total up and be added to the Lodges honorific status,try and develop a fundraising programme for the lodge/chapter with initiatives and fund raising events..

Fundraising events.
We hope that all lodges/chapters/groups will hold at least one fundraising event per year, involving our ladies and also non Masonic friends and families, it is important to include them in the festival, remember the gift aid envelopes, very useful for collecting donations, (RAFFLE MONIES MUST NOT BE INCLUDED IN GIFT AID ENVELOPES).

Individuals undertaking special events like bike rides marathons etc can obtain a gift aided sponsorship form that will be available to download here shortly.

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