What is a festival?

There are undoubtedly many relatively new masons and companions in the province who have never experienced a festival, so this article is to assist you in your understanding.

Every year a few selected provinces in England and Wales hold a festival in support of one of the four main Masonic charities, this festival system is designed to spread the load evenly over the 44 provinces in the 2 Countries and ensures a regular flow of income to each of those charities. It also allows those provinces not in festival to donate to other charities of their choice. The monies raised by the festival system means a significant contribution can be made to help that charity achieve its charitable aims.

The President of our Festival 2019 for the RMBI is our Provincial Grand Master, and he has delegated the organising responsibilities to W bro Neville Warnes, who has delegated responsibilities to various teams. Comprising an events team communication team and a merchandising sales team.

The Festival will culminate in 2019 after 5 years of fundraising and investment in time and effort by the Teams and individual Lodges, for which our selected Charity of the RMBI which is responsible for the running of all our care homes around the country, dedicated to looking after ageing freemasons and their dependants.
The festival is an addition to our normal fund raising activity for Masonic or non Masonic good causes, and no one should be discouraged from their regular giving, It is fully understood that individual lodges will give according to their own conscience, means and ability, and offer support as far as they are willing and able.

Our last festival in 2009 raised £2,471,526.00 for the Masonic Samaritan fund.